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By now you know that publishing content should be central to your marketing plan. According to a B2B content marketing report, some of the top goals for content marketing include:

Lead Generation- 71.3%

Customer Acquisition- 45.0%

Thought Leadership- 49.9%

Brand Awareness- 41.0%

And with so much writing to be done on different platforms, a lot of business owners come short on using content as a strategy to effectively generate leads, thereby leaving profits on the table; but let’s turn that around, shall we?

With my


You can knock off content creation from your To-Do List and instead focus on other aspects of your business.

Let’s chat on Skype, talk over the phone or do email to get crystal clear on your content creation needs. Proceed to the next step by clicking the button below to fill the Client Contact Form.

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As a newbie in blogging, working with Hannah and her team has been a fantastic experience for me. She's got an eye for details, very meticulous and highly professional. She and her team worked on the review of my blog & their recommendations turned out spot on. Hannah is also an excellent writer, she is a major contributor to my postings & she is highly recommended by me.

Oluseyi Lala MBA, PMP
Manager, IP Planning & Enterprise Solutions, Etisalat NG

"Hannah offers practical, step-by-step instructions on how to improve your bottom line and quality of life, and it’s terrific she’s now compiled all her wisdom into one book!"

Sarah Blinco
Director, Sugoi Media

Prior to working with Hannah, I had a blog that wasn’t niche-focused. I was writing on different topics and that really made me lose focus on the site. Now, thanks to working with Hannah’s writing and coaching services, I have identified my niche and that drives my focus. Not just that, Hannah also helped immensely by editing my articles and placing them in befitting categories. As I get ready for my blog re-launch, I am confident I will succeed online and in my blogging niche I had a truly remarkable experience working with Hannah, plus, her enthusiasm is contagious. I would gladly recommend her anytime!

Bolu Shoyebi


Business                       Entrepreneurship                         Internet

Education                Writing                    Lifestyle                 Media

Can’t find the category you are looking for? Contact me anyways. I’ll be happy to help anyway I can.

eBooks: I can help plan your book or book series from concept to final draft. I will arrange the interviews, provide you with transcripts and also conduct all the research needed to complete the book.  Few weeks from now and you can be addressed as an author, launch a new website or build a business around your book.

Articles: my article writing service provides you with top-notch content that makes you stand out. All articles are original and can be used on your blog or in your newsletters.

Case Studies: you can include case studies as a bonus for your products or to back up a product launch. I will organize your case studies so that you get the most important information for your product or newsletter launch.

Research Work: strictly for interviews and guest posting opportunities.
To use this service, all you need do is provide me with the details of the influencer you are trying to reach and I will scour the web, their blogs and social media accounts to learn as much as possible about them so you can better prepare to pitch them an interview request or guest blogging opportunity.

Blog Creation: If the idea of running a blog and filling it up with content makes you cringe, you can take full advantage of my writing service.

I will work with you to come up with writing angles, content themes, an editorial calendar, and much more.

Combination of two or more Services: are you working on a major campaign? Contact me and I will get right to work on preparing a brief from concept to final draft, from niche research to identifying guest posting opportunities, creating irresistible opt-in offers and so much more

Other projects that I am interested in and that you may contact me for include: website content, reports, eCourse, LinkedIn post and Auto-responder Series.

Why Work With Me?

  • Engage my expertise as a writer to gain positioning as the expert in your niche.
  • Save time on editing. You get ready-to-publish content
  • Cut back on extra cost, such as consulting and editing cost. Every project I take on deserves maximum attention and you will get best value for your bucks.
  • No fluff. I don’t ever pull things from off the web. All contents are custom made and tailored to your specifications.
  • I work with timelines and will make sure you get your project by the date agreed upon.

How We Work Together

Complete the Contact Form below

Complete the contact form on this page and I will review it and get back to you within 24 hours.

Email/ 1-1 Strategy Call

Depending on the service, we will communicate via email or start with an in-depth call to find out exactly what you want so you can get the best from your investment. I will ask questions to understand the direction of your business so my work aligns with your highest priorities.

Short Summary

Once we decide what you want, I outline it in PowerPoint format; just to be extra sure we are on the same page. The power point is yours for keeps, plus it’s more fun when you know exactly what you are expecting. I usually charge per project, and will include a quote along with the brief.

Let’s Get Started

Your service is activated within twenty-four hours of confirming payment. I will also keep in constant touch via Phone, Email or Skype.

Quality of Service

I am passionate about my clients’ success. You can expect that I will work with the exact brief agreed upon and will contact you for further clarifications if need be while I am on your project.

All projects are backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which includes

  • Complementary coaching sessions
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited re-writes

Are you ready to generate unlimited leads with targeted content that attracts and converts? Fill the client contact form below to Get Started.

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Service and Testimonial Disclaimer: every effort has been made to accurately represent our service and its potential. Testimonials on this website are believed to be accurate (those giving them have purchased a service, read our blog or are familiar with our writing)

Refund Policy: because of the depth of work and the incredible amount of time that goes into writing or planning campaigns, I am unable to provide a refund. I will work with the exactness of the brief we agreed on plus, you are backed up by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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