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Nothing drives your online business as much as your personal brand.

If a product was enough to drive itself, it’s founders would be at home sipping fresh coffee or vacationing on an island somewhere.

In fact, the more users a product have, the more its founders go out and conduct more interviews to build their personal brand.

Conduct a search for Neil Patel online, Tony Conrad Online, Noah Kagan online, and see what they all have in common – updated profiles across multiple social media channels.

This is because people do business with people and the more they can relate with you and what you stand for, the more they want to find out what your product is about.

And if a platform can hit a million users in 300 days, you need to be paying attention. That is why I am so glad to introduce in this post, and how you can use it to build your personal brand and also connect with people all around the world.

Quick disclaimer: I am not in anyway affiliated with I am just excited by its features and the results I have had from my personal page.

From getting thousands of views to a personal invite for a beta-test, I am confident that is a great place to start connecting with people online.

See for yourself:

Invite for a beta-test

In case you are not familiar with, it is a one-page website that features your personal profile and was founded by Tony Conrad, Ryan Freitas and Tim Young in December 2009, and the site has been continually upgraded to include more features.

How To Get Started

Getting started is as simple as visiting and setting up your page. I put together a tutorial to walk you through the steps.

#Step 1. Upload Your Profile Photo: is less formal compared to a blog so you don’t want to be too uptight with the general setup of your page. That said, there are three types of profile image you can use.

Professional photo: if your intention is to strictly brand yourself, then consider using a head shot, somewhat like your Linkedin Profile, only make this larger. Here is an example of that from Kissmetrics founder, Neil Patel.

Neil Patel's page

Fun photo: if you had rather your contacts see the other side of you apart from work, you can upload a fun photo like this one.

Edward kosasih's page

Obviously, your page is also going to be your digital business card so you want to put your best foot forward. Unless you are a model, don’t use a bikini shot. Let’s keep that on your mobile phone or something, you know what I mean eh :))

At Work Photo: similar to the professional photo, only this shot is taken while you are hard at work. I see a lot of photographers, painters, and designers going this route on

If you like a “At Work” photo and feel that your work speaks better than your picture, you can put that up instead, just like this:

Marc Neal's page

At this point, I should say that you can also include a you-tube video on your page. I didn’t even know this until recently, when I stumbled on humourist/blogger/vlogger, Jenny Chui’s page, I couldn’t help but “click” and I absolutely loved it. If you want to see the kind of videos to include in your page, my highest recommendation will be Jenny Chiu and the brilliant guy behind What if…? Conference, Matt Murie

#Step 2. Write your Bio: Humans process images 60,000 times faster than text so make sure to include a great photo.

Next to this is your bio. Think of it as the words that add meaning to the photo. Really, I believe it reflects your brand more if your bio fits with your profile photo and the general ambience of your page. Tony Conrad nailed this on his page

Tony Conrad's page

Always match the tone of your bio with your profile photo and profession.

#Step 3. Include Social Media Links to your Profile: The next thing to do is link your social media profile to your page. The thing with is its like a one-place holder to keep yourself sane in a world with so much stuffs popping up on the internet.

#Step 4. Include Links to Published Work: This is a great place to build quality links back to your site. Including links to your popular blog post, or portfolio helps you connect with new people and automatically builds your personal brand online.

Drive Traffic to Your Profile

The mistake most people make online is that they set it and forget it, with books, blog post, guest post, and portfolios. Doing this with will not help with building your personal brand online.

When you set up your page, you want to make sure people visit it and thank God you have statistics on your page.

To maximize your about page, click the Invite Friends tab and use a special invite code that gives you. Each time someone signs up via your special link, you get featured on That said, use my special code, send me a compliment and let’s connect.

Invite friends to your page

The more people sign up, the more you get featured, driving thousands of views and compliments to your page. The first time I got featured on, I got over 10,000+ views and 30+ compliments in the first week alone and since then, I average at least 1000 views weekly.

I don’t see people doing this yet, but you can link your landing page to your page. I guess the reason for this is rooted in’s strategy of connecting people on a neutral level; and although you can include your interests on your page, you can still get compliments from artists, helicopter instructors, and engineers like I have.

#Step 1. Get More Visitors

To drive traffic to your page, visit the Get More Visitors tab and each tab will show you how you can integrate your signature across different channels online.

Drive traffic to your page

#Step 2. Submit a story for a chance to get featured as recently started something fascinating. Their Director of Marketing sent an email about an opportunity to get featured on the blog leading to increased exposure for your brand.

Email from Paris on opportunity to get featured on

That’s the next step I want to take with my page. Getting featured on the blog is not a guarantee but it’s worth giving a shot.

#Step 3. Finally, Use INTRO

If by some chance you have been living in a cave, let me be the first to break it to you:

The world is going as gone digital and soon, everything will be hosted on the cloud. It’s happening so fast, it’s hard to keep up. With the intro app, you can turn your page into a digital business card. How nice is that???

Intro app

Build Your Personal Brand

From the direction of this post, you can see step-by-step how to create an page that reflects your personal brand.

To wrap this up, start visiting other people’s pages and leaving them a nice compliment. You can leave a compliment in one-click and you have up to ten compliments to choose from.

Compliment options on

But let’s go a step further. Now, it’s easy for anyone to leave a compliment and that’s it. Instead, share the compliment on twitter or facebook.

Want to even get more results? Send a personalized email.

I obviously don’t recommend sending everyone a personalized email because it takes time, but here is a pointer:

If the person’s interest matches yours or their profile reveals they fit perfectly into your target market, by all means send them an email. You will almost always get response.

To recap

  • It all starts with putting up a great photo and writing an irresistible bio.
  • Linking to your published works online
  • Driving traffic to your page and I give you several options to do that
  • Then, start sending compliments, sharing other people’s pages and personalized emails.

Oh, I didn’t mention the pricing for First, is totally free and the free account can do bad all by itself, but if you will like to upgrade to a premium account, you can do that for just $4 per month.

I am actually waiting on my toes for the upcoming $9 account because it has a hint for page/brand promotion. We will see how that works out.

Paid Page Account

After 30,000+ views and counting on my page, over 50+ compliments and some hours spent on learning more about the platform, I recommend you check it out and start building your personal brand today.

Do you use What is your experience with the site and what features will you absolutely love to see on the platform? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to give this post a share.


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  • Theodore Nwangene

    Reply Reply October 23, 2015

    Hello Hannah,
    This is really a very amazing and helpful information. This is my first time of hearing of and it seems to be a very awesome platform for bloggers and internet marketers in general to get noticed.

    I will make out time and check it out, I’m sure i will also need it :).

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply October 24, 2015

      Hi Theodore,

      Yes, is a great platform and you should definitely check it out.

      So glad you found the post useful 🙂

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