How to Create an Irresistible Opt-In Offer That Converts Visitors Into Subscribers

If you have ever wanted to launch a blog or even a product online, you must have heard about giving your visitors an incentive to join your email list.

Creating this incentive is usually the point where a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck or even decide having a blog or business online is not for them.

Usually, if this resource is going on a blog, it’s termed an opt-in offer and when it is created as part of a product launch, the term lead magnet is used.

Either way, it means the same thing.

Create a valuable resource that would be considered a steal, and instead of putting a price tag on it, you give it out for free. Yea, sounds like a rhyme too 🙂

But seriously, I am not kidding. I spent days trying to figure out what my irresistible opt-in offer will be, and how many I needed to have since I just re-launched my blog; but guess what, I did a research and found that other people had these same questions.
Thank God I was perfectly normal! Infact, Paul Simister wrote about creating an irresistible offer on his blog:



Since the purpose of an opt-in offer or lead magnet is to get people to sign up to your newsletter, or learn more about what your product has to offer, similar questions such as this popped up:


Why Spend so Much Time, Money and Energy Creating a Free Opt-in Offer?

Every day, thousands of people log into the internet seeking different answers to questions. Your blog is one of the millions of blogs online but how do you stand out? How do you give your visitors value when they visit your site and encourage them to pitch tent there?

Your opt-in offer gives an impression of what your blog is about and can get your visitors to see you as a trusted expert.

To boost your Email List: No doubt. The fastest way to build your email list is to give an opt-in offer that will capture the mind of your visitors to stay on your blog. As you have always heard, the power is in the list, but if you have no way to draw attention to what they will be missing, there is no way you can build the most important asset of your business – your list.

It establishes your expertise: Once your visitors have submitted their details to download your opt-in offer, whether an eBook or audio, the next thing they want to see is if what they just downloaded will be of benefit to them. Will it serve them? Is it something they can apply in their business? If your opt-in offer is value-packed, you have succeeded in establishing your expertise in that area.

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Social Proof: Your opt-in offer can get you social proof that you can use to back up your credibility and expertise. Here is a text I got after I emailed a preview copy of my book, Not So Expert, to a new leader in church. Have it in mind that a book preview copy can also pass for an opt-in offer.


“I am going through your work right now and boy! Am I thrilled?
Thrilled is to say the least. I will get back to you as
I journey more into the book.”
P. Jonathan


Your opt-in offer can do that for you, too.

You can earn a referral: If you did a good job, chances are that you will earn a referral. Your referral can mean getting a new lead or it can mean shares on social media. Your opt-in offer can even go viral.

To refine your paid offer: Once people begin to sign up to get your opt-in offer, a lot of people will send in thank you notes, offer advice, and ask more questions. This feedback is gem, and should be recorded in a notepad or in a Microsoft Word document. It helps to know what your audience really needs before you spend hours creating a paid offer.

To create an opt-in offer that converts visitors into subscribers, you have to first figure out the end goal of your offer. Not one word of content until you write a summary of exactly what you are expecting the opt-in offer to do for your:

Blog/Business: is it for lead generation or to get them subscribed on your email list?

Client: your offer should have a strong call-to-action for your client. Do you want them to call you for enquiries after getting your opt-in offer or to recognize you as the go-to expert when it gets to this subject matter?

First Step to create an irresistible offer for your blog is to:



By the way, if you would like to create an opt-in offer for your blog, website or product but you need help with writing sizzling content, or re-purposing your offer, you can check out this page.

The whole idea of creating your opt-in offer is centered on a basic concept that is called a theme.


Creating your opt-in offer is
centered on a basic concept: theme


The theme helps align your thought, drives the end result and determines how your target audience will connect with your opt-in offer.

How then do you determine the right theme that will turn a visitor into a subscriber? Good question.

Find it in your Mission Statement

The easiest place to start of course would be to write on a topic in your niche. When you view your mission statement, the reason why you launched a business in the first place, then it becomes easier to craft an opt-in offer from this source.

Still, because a niche can be too broad, it can be difficult to understand what to focus on. For example, if you focus on start-ups and want to write an opt-in offer for start-ups, you might get confused on what to write because there are so many topics to cover, ranging from writing business plans to determining your unique selling proposition.

I have found that what works best is narrowing down to a topic that is relevant and important to your ideal audience. If you pick a topic on how to attract the kind of clients that wants to work with you and list or explain all the components that go into that as your opt-in offer. You might touch on having the right value proposition, a welcome packet for every client you sign up, and how to use content marketing to position yourself as an expert (and many others).

Use Feedback

You can also use the power of feedback to design an opt-in offer that will be irresistible to your client. If you have not started with your opt-in offer at all, this is the best place to start because you are giving them what they requested and you are giving it for free. It is easier to get a response that way. Using feedback can also save you time that you would have used to create a product either not suited for your market or one they were not prepared for.

So you are probably wondering where to get feedback since you are just starting out and you don’t have a client. Well not necessarily. You can get feedback where your target market is already hanging out. That is, what blogs and forums are they most active in?

How Many Opt-In Offers should you have on Your Blog?

There is no yardstick for measuring how many opt-in offers should be in your blog. Sometimes it can be okay to have lots of offers in different formats. At other times, one or two is enough. If you have never blogged before, one opt-in offer is enough to get you started. On other famous blogs, you might find two or even up to twenty opt-in offers because they have grown to identify the different readers that visit their blogs, what their needs are and what converts most.

Also, authority blogs (because they are already well known) may enjoy a higher download rate of their opt-in offers. So the morale here is if you are just launching or re-launching like I did, one or two quality offers that people can read in thirty minutes will do.

You can be sure that along with the points mentioned here, creating your opt-in offer is

Fun work: because if you are writing an opt-in offer you are not passionate about at all, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get something good out of it.

Hard work: writing your opt-in offer requires determination to sit your butt and get to work.

Smart work: because you don’t have to labour for months on your opt-in offer to come out with something incredible. A one-page checklist can bring you so much trust and credibility for your site.

I advise that if you are giving away an opt-in offer on your blog, it should be something that can be read in thirty minutes or less.

Combine all three and you have a winner.

To ensure you have the best opt-in offers:

Don’t publish your first draft: Ernest Hemingway famously said “the first draft of anything is shit” It is unpolished and the message is hidden. Instead, put together your opt-in offer, re-write a second draft, and take a break away from reading it so that when you come back to it, you will have a fresh perspective.




Have another person take a look at it: If you have built relationships with bloggers in your niche, you can send them a personalized email requesting that they take a look at the free offer you put together to give away on your blog. The process is pretty simple.

If you have clients’ offline, you can also ask them to take a look at it and give you their opinion on the book. If it’s totally impossible to reach out to anyone because of time or other reasons, you can look at offers you have received in the past and ask this one question. What stood out for me?

Sometimes, you will have more than one answer to this question because the reason you downloaded their offer may be simply because the cover it was presented in, the approach used, the medium through which you received it, if you are a fan and the value you got from it.

Edit: Have an editor edit your opt-in offer and everything you publish on your blog. It might be too expensive for you to have a blog editor but you can outsource your articles and offers to editors on freelance websites like Fiverr, VConnect, upwork

Design is High-Priority: Talk about packaging and presenting your offers. It is very important you take this aspect seriously as people still judge the book by its cover. I am not asking you to sink all your cash into web design or colourful graphics and that was why I mentioned those freelance sites. Put them to work. Set the design element and ensure that everything is well packaged and calls attention to the eye. In other words, let your design be a hooker.

Review often: This is perhaps the most under-used advice because you don’t see the benefit immediately. At times, we are in so much hurry to pick the next to-do that we totally forget to review what we did before. That was what happened to my blog, but thank God I retraced my steps and did a re-launch. When you have an item that is due for review and you neglect it, they start to look displeasing to you and it’s only a matter of time before you drop them and look for the next “best” thing.

Wow. Having gotten all the deets of what it takes to create an irresistible offer, what are some of the opt-in offer options you can consider for your blog?

That is a topic I will be exploring in my next post. To get notified, enter your email in the form below.

Question: What are the most valuable lessons you learnt while creating the opt-in offer for your blog?

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    Hi! I understand this is kind of off-topic however I had to ask.
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    I am completely new to writing a blog however I do write in my journal
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      Thanks for checking out the blog and leaving a comment.

      I got a similar question yesterday.
      Yes, it does take work and can be sometimes scary just as with anything worth doing. There are several ideas/tips that I can share with you but the most important thing apart from picking the right niche is:

      1. Direct quality traffic to your blog
      2. Convert traffic to subscribers (veeeery important)
      3. Build relationship fast with experts in your niche

      If you need help with anything, let me know!

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