Blogging for Business: Three Things You Should Know

Businessman considering blogging for business

Sometimes, I hate the internet.

I know, “hate” is a strong word, and one I use occasionally.

But humor me for a second.

When I ask the internet “how to be successful at blogging for business,” it gives me a thousand tips, leaving me more confused than when I first asked the question.

It shows me income reports that are so good, I ask myself “What is wrong with me?”

And it leaves me feeling frustrated when I hear others get so much done and at the end of 24 hours, I have to ask myself, what have I done today?

Raise your hands if you ever have these thoughts

Okay, you can put them down now.

If you are new to blogging or even at intermediate level you ask these questions and the purpose of this post is to clear the air.

Let me first say that blogging is a great tool that you can leverage for your business

According to a B2B content marketing report, the top goals for blogging, or more specifically, content marketing includes 71% lead generation, 49% thought leadership, 45% customer acquisition and 41% brand acquisition.

If companies, small business owners and freelancers get massive results from blogging, why do bloggers fail to leverage their blog or why is your blogging efforts not yielding any results?

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Glad you asked. Here is why:

  1. Setting too little time to measure success: as a blogger you have to understand the times and seasons. It is not uncommon to hear people give up blogging only after three months because they are not getting search traffic, recognition or income.

You will definitely get all of these things but it does take time. For example, it can take Google from a week to months to index your website depending on several factors. You may have no website linking back to your site if you haven’t been guest-posting or leaving helpful comments on other quality blogs.

And certainly, you should expect that you will record less success if you spend time working in your blog (like setting up plugins, creating content and designing blog banners) than working on your blog (promoting content, blogger outreach and enrolling in courses)

Blogging takes time to yield results. It takes time to pitch a guest post, build influence online, get subscribers, and create content. Don’t be over-zealous, set realistic expectations and stick with it

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  1. Not Setting Focus on the Right Things: have you ever read Pat Flynn’s income report and just want steal it?

It’s really easy to get caught up in other people’s successes when we don’t know the background. Chances are, you stumbled on Pat Flynn’s blog, signed up to his mailing list and missed the whole start-up story.

You are not going to be successful at leveraging a blog to build your business if your focus is not set on the right things.

Remember the Google search for “how to be successful at blogging for business,” at the beginning of this post? It is because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to blogging and you have to lay the right foundation for yourself and stay focused.

If your plan is to earn income through affiliate sales, some of the things you should start doing before the traffic starts pouring in is to learn to write product reviews and review on video. 

Want to create your own courses? Start learning and implementing different strategies to get people signed to your mailing list.

Do you want to create and flip blogs for profit? Your should start outsourcing content while you focus on driving traffic to your blog.

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  1. Doing it all Yourself: finally, don’t get caught up doing everything by yourself. When you first start out, maybe yes. But as you grow, you should definitely outsource a lot.

Outsourcing is the bloggers best kept secret on leveraging a blog for business.

Outsource every single thing that doesn’t directly generate leads for your business; or the way I like to put it, don’t spend five hours on a $10 task

Things you can outsource include content creation, graphics, research and outreach

Knowing these three things and putting them to work definitely sets you on the right path to blogging for business.

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Has blogging been generating any result for your business? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to give this post a share 😉


  • MMairaj

    Reply Reply November 27, 2015

    Hi Hannah,

    What an amazing post, In fact you have shared some great tips which help us a lot to go through blogging for business. All the points are very worthwhile and plays an imperative role in blogging.

    Thanks for fantastic post 🙂



    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply November 27, 2015

      Hi MMairaj,

      I am glad the post was helpful. Thanks for reading

  • Benjamin Carter-Riley

    Reply Reply November 28, 2015

    What a great read Hannah,

    This post that you’ve written really does tell you where to focus when it comes to blogging. And like you said, with blogging a lot of people give up because the amount of time and effort it takes to build it up.

    You definitely need to spend time on building relationships, writing great content, and promoting your posts out there for your niche to see.

    I’m gonna have to share this one Twitter now. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply November 29, 2015

      Hello Benjamin,

      Blogging really does take a lot of time and effort. You gotta work hard and work smart.

      Glad you love the post and thanks for sharing it with your network!

  • Comrade Akanbi

    Reply Reply December 8, 2015

    Thanks for the write up,I learned one or two things from it,I just started blogging two months ago but getting traffic into my blog is very difficult but i’m Striving hard to achieve my objectives.

    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply December 9, 2015

      Hey Comrade!

      Thanks for checking out my site and glad you found the post helpful.

      There are several strategies to drive traffic to your website including free traffic from guestposting and media mentions; and through paid advertising on social media platforms and banner ads.

      You just need to find what works best for your niche and put it to action because at the end of the day, getting traffic to your website is more a marathon than a sprint.

      If you need any help, you can message me via my contact page.


  • Ariella

    Reply Reply December 14, 2015

    Great post! I want to add reason #4 to your list of what you need to get started bloggin: Don’t be afraid and just get started! Coaches don’t have to be the best writers to put up a blog. Find an article that you liked online, post a link to it and add a few sentences, and hit Post! Give your clients new opportunities to get to know you and your thoughts.

    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply December 15, 2015

      Very true Ariella.

      The purpose of blogging is not just to be #1 on Google search results but a way of letting your thoughts out and giving others the chance to also express themselves.

      Thanks for your comment!

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