Grow Your Email List: Breakdown of The 24-Hour #listchallenge by Bryan Harris & Jeff Goins


The first challenge I ever participated in online was Ramit Sethi’s “How to make $1000 with one email.” Ramit was going to award $1000 to the best pitch — any pitch! — that helped him in business/personal/any area of life. Spoiler Alert: I did not win the challenge. Instead, Jacqueline Du Plessis offered to Show…

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21 Lead Magnet Ideas to Explode your Conversions


Oh, lead magnets! They can be fun to create, or drive you crazy if you have never pulled one off before. I had the “crazy” experience with my first lead magnet; spending over eight weeks and still scoring myself below average, urrgh… You however will not have to go crazy over creating your lead magnet…

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18 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do


I smile. A lot. I get huge favours like introductions to a new contact, writing gigs, outstanding ideas, and even jump a long queue in the bank (*giggling), all with a crazy little smile. Is it not amazing how little, little gestures can open big, big doors to us? This post will teach you the…

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30 Proven Strategies to Position Your Business as a Client Attraction Machine

This is the dream of every entrepreneur and business owner: to sign up more clients than they can handle and have a line-up of prospects begging to work with them. The strategies offered here are time-tested and have been used by six-figure entrepreneurs for decades. I used these exact same strategies to sign up my…

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How to Create an Irresistible Opt-In Offer That Converts Visitors Into Subscribers

Word on keyboard made in 3D

If you have ever wanted to launch a blog or even a product online, you must have heard about giving your visitors an incentive to join your email list. Creating this incentive is usually the point where a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck or even decide having a blog or business online is not for…

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