55 Relationship Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Building Profitable Relationships

Profitable relationship hacks

Joint Venture partnership, email list, product launches, LinkedIn recommendations, new clients. Can you see the thread? Relationship is at the core of every successful business and is the reason why your customers buy from you, even when they have 2 million other choices. And if you want to build a business, you need to improve the…

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How to Master the Art of Waiting

If you have ever had to wait for anything at all, you know what I am talking about. Yet, the waiting time in your life and business is unavoidable, and unless you master the art of waiting, you risk the feeling of frustrations, overwhelm and ultimately panic. Once you understand that your waiting time can…

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7 Evergreen Posts about Launching a Profitable Business

Launch a profitable business

It’s one of the biggest questions entrepreneurs ask, how do I launch a profitable business? As humans, we hate to fail, especially in things that we have invested so much of our time in, specifically, our business. It is for this very reason that I started this blog – to share my knowledge as an…

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Blogging for Business: Three Things You Should Know

Businessman considering blogging for business

Sometimes, I hate the internet. I know, “hate” is a strong word, and one I use occasionally. But humor me for a second. When I ask the internet “how to be successful at blogging for business,” it gives me a thousand tips, leaving me more confused than when I first asked the question. It shows me income…

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Why a Great Idea Will Ruin You (And What to do Instead)

Discussing Great Ideas

You are not a freaking loser! You have got ideas. And no doubt, ideas rule the world. Think about Google’s PageRank that measures how important a website is by the number of quality links it receives, or the brilliant idea by the Wright Brothers to invent a flying machine. Orville Wright’s famous first airplane flight.…

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How I Made My First Income Online [The Big Black Book]

It sounds like hype. You know, when I pop open another email that reads the [featured image] It’s almost unbelievable. Did he really just say $10,000/month online? Truth is you can make [a lot of] money online. The only missing piece is how the expert doesn’t reference a lot of the background work and months of…

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The Ultimate Guide to an About.me Page that Reflects your Personal Brand

about.me homepage

Nothing drives your online business as much as your personal brand. If a product was enough to drive itself, it’s founders would be at home sipping fresh coffee or vacationing on an island somewhere. In fact, the more users a product have, the more its founders go out and conduct more interviews to build their personal brand. Conduct a search…

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