[kon-tent]                       [mey-vuh n]

I am a super-passionate entrepreneur with a knack for expressing ideas with words that
attract, connect and convert.

And content is not just about words fellaz. It’s a reflection of my style, personality and substance.

When it comes to PLANNING CONTENT THEMES, WRITING 24/7 (if I choose), or DRAFTING AN ENTIRE BOOK in a weekend, you can Holla at your Girl.

Here are a few nuggets



You got to let your personality shine through if you hope to create great content.



It’s good to be Google-centric and Keyword-centric but don’t forget that real people are going to be reading your content.

What I do is create a connection between “the message” and “the audience” or, who cares what you write, right?



I am a stickler for “what works for me, might not work for you.” Sure, there are general rules for writing and content creation, but the values and end result for each client or business will always be different; and that is why I am so particular about creating custom content for my clients.



Hi there. My name is Hannah Edia and I am a writer. I have a Degree in Clothing and Textile, so I am good with a sewing machine. Anyways, back in the days (2nd year in the University) I talked my way into getting a sponsorship to launch my first business and that was how I got my start as an entrepreneur. After honing my writing skills and ghostwriting some book projects, I coined the term “Content Maven” because it’s what I am and it’s what I want to be known for.



If you’d like to learn more about my mission and take advantage of my best content creation tips, I love you!

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Hannah Edia is a full-time writer (AKA Content Maven) and she blogs about business, entrepreneurship and content creation tips at Her main focus is to create content that sticks, connects and generate leads for entrepreneurs and business owners. She is also the author of Not So Expert: how to confidently launch when you are not an expert or have A-list clients from a 360 degree perspective.

Hannah as been published on several authority sites and has taken on different writing projects for her clients.

Hack her Content Maven Toolbox that helps you create a whole year’s worth of content for your Blog, Book or Business; or connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.