55 Relationship Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Building Profitable Relationships

Profitable relationship hacks

Joint Venture partnership, email list, product launches, LinkedIn recommendations, new clients. Can you see the thread?

Relationship is at the core of every successful business and is the reason why your customers buy from you, even when they have 2 million other choices.

And if you want to build a business, you need to improve the quality of your relationships and build new ones too.

Here are 55 hacks to get you started:

Hack #1 Lend your expertise

Is there a discussion going on in a forum in your area of expertise? There is no better way to join the conversation and build relationships.

Hack #2 Do Something Remarkable

A perfect example will be supporting a friend in their Kickstarter campaign or donating funds for a passion project

Hack #3 Buy Lunch

You can warm your way into a new relationship by buying lunch or dinner. Ice-cream is my magic wand but feel free to try something else :))

Buy Lunch

Hack #4 Host a Group Dinner

If you want to build good relationship with several people at the same time, you are wise. Try hosting a group dinner.

Hack #5 Plan a Live Discussion

I went to Domino’s Pizza one time and a group of people chose that location (outdoor) to have their fellowship.

I thought, brilliance! What better place to discuss than out in the open air, over Pizza 😉

Add some spark to your discussion by giving it a name. That way, you are building new relationships while helping others build their own relationships

Discussing Great Ideas

Hack #6 Purchase a Course

You don’t need to be psychic to know that using my writing or coaching service gets you in my club. If you don’t know that, whew…

Hack #7 Connect on Social Media

It’s amazing what social media is doing in our world. Not only can you build a relationship, you can also close deals, start a business and become BFF just by taking advantage of social media

Hack #8 Write a Thank You Note

“Thank you” works magic all the time and when you write a thank you note, the law of reciprocity kicks in. You will most likely get a response that can lead to new relationships. At the very least, you get your name noticed for easier access, next try.

Hack #9 Follow-up

Don’t kill that new found relationship because of your lack of diligence. Follow-up is crucial to the relationship-building process, and it doesn’t have to be a pain either.

You can follow-up with a simple text message, email, or shoutout on Twitter. That’s right, just @twitterhandle shout out to [person’s name]

Hack #10 Apply the Frigyes Karinthy rule

In my book, Not So Expert, I wrote about  the six degrees of separation. In 1929, Hungarian author, Frigyes Karinthy set out this principle.

Six degrees of separation is a theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world; so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps

excerpt from Not So Expert

Hack #11 PDA works too

That’s right. Public display of affection works in business relationships too.

Show off the people in your network; share a picture you took with them at an event and tag them (you might need permission for this), let them know you value the relationship you have with them and reference their article or product when necessary

Hack #12 Link to them

Do you have a blog or newsletter? Perhaps you need to back up your statement. Whatever the case, rather than doing mindless link building, link to their articles, blog post and slideshare presentations

Hack #13 Organize an Event

When you organize an event, you scale up your relationship building efforts and you can bank on the credibility it brings to your business.

It also attracts experts and other industry leaders in your space because people want to identify with other people in their industry

Hack #14 Write a Review

Yup, write a book/product review on Amazon. Be honest. Part of attracting and profiting starts with attracting the right relationship.

What’s more, people can count on you.

Hack #15 Record a testimonial

Instead of a review, you can also record a testimonial. You can do this in 60 secs with your phone

Hack #16 Make a Referral

A good way to start building profitable relationships is to refer prospective customers to others. You put the Law of reciprocity at work when you do.

Hack #17 Respond to Email, fast

Want to know why Dave Schneider is my favourite Ninja? It’s because he responded to my outreach email so fast, I thought he was actually expecting it.

Should I be surprised? Well, he is the guy that created the software for influencer outreach, so No, I am not.

Hack #18 Practice getting along with people

You need people skills to build genuine relationships and you are not going to get very far if you do not get along with others. In plain terms, BE LIKEABLE.

Hack #19 Register for a Course

When you think about it, you formed your first relationships in school, because that’s where you spent the most part of your day while growing up.

Enroll in a membership class, clubs, professional programs, or dog training classes – to build new profitable relationships

Hack #20 Stop trying so hard

If you have tried to take your existing relationships to the next step and its not working, maybe it’s time to give it up.

Says No? Say Next

Hack #21 Try Networking at Events

You don’t have to organize a Live event before you start building profitable relationships. You can start networking by attending events

Most events even create a time for Networking because its a great way to make new friends, get feedback on an idea and find new partners or investment opportunities

Hack #22 Take a World tour

Sonia Thompson of mytrybusiness.com travels the world and has been to four African Countries. I am sure she met a lot of people, and oh, she now speaks Spanish too 🙂

A lot of entrepreneurs like Yaro Starak, Natalie Sission and Daniel DiPiazza fit their belongings in a suitcase visiting new countries, learning new cultures and interestingly, building profitable relationships

Hack #23 Take a Mini-tour

Can’t afford to travel the world? You might want to start from visiting a new country or state.

Hack #24 Be Kind

That’s basic relationship 101

relationship 101

Hack #25 Mail a Gift

You can start building relationships or make an existing relationship profitable just by mailing a gift, no kidding.

To spot the right opportunities, make sure you follow that person closely. They usually leave clues on their blog and social media channels. If there is a mention of a book they’ve always wanted to read, you can order that via Amazon directly to their address.

To find the address, look at the footer of their emails or newsletters. Also check the contact page or call an assistant to ask for the office address.

Hack #26 Throw in a Bonus

Launching a product is a lot of work and you can ease that by putting together a PDF as a bonus or send an email asking how you can help to make the launch go smoother.

Hack #27 Volunteer

This gives you first-hand access to the organizers of an event. Building your network gradually from the ground up with volunteering can be very useful when you are taking a new position or need a reference for a new position

Hack #28 Speak for Free

If you speak at two events in a month and built a relationship with only five people at each of these events, your network will be one hundred and twenty people strong by year ending.

If you only built a profitable relationship with 5% of the people in that network, what effect will that have on your business?

Speak at events

Hack #29 Promote them to your audience

After all one of the reasons why you want to build that relationship is because you love what they are doing. It’s the reason why I wrote about the list building challenge by Bryan Harris, which brings me to my next hack.

Hack #30 Support Product Launches/JV Partnerships

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • By offering a free report
  • Announcing it to your followers on social media
  • Promoting it to your email list

Not only will you have built a relationship that can be ongoing for years, you can also make money- talk about killing two birds with one stone


Hack #31 Write a Book

I remember writing my book, Not So Expert and thinking about who I was writing to. I believe it’s the reason why I attract my ideal audience and connect with them on a deep level.

Not So Expert

Hack #32 Read a Book

Have you ever read a book and felt connected to the author? That’s how I feel when I read a Jack Canfield or Seth Godin.

You don’t even need a physical copy to connect and build an audience. With ebooks, you can create the same magic.

Hack #33 iTunes Reviews

Five star reviews are solid gold on iTunes and podcast hosts almost always note those that leave a honest review for their podcast on iTunes.


Hack #34 Be a Good Student

If you enroll in a course, follow it through and get some good results, because course creators ALWAYS love that their courses are making an impact. You’ll end up in their radar and maybe do stuffs together as in the case of Selena Soo and Kimra Luna

Hack #35 Apply for an Internship

Have no idea how to get noticed by your favourite influencer? Look out for that extra busy time of the year in their business and apply for an internship position.

Hack #36 Dream Big

Big dreams attract big people and small dreams attract small people

Hack #37 Be deliberate

Approach relationship building like you would with your business because relationship is the currency in business.

You have heard the phrase “it is who you know.” Nowhere is it more true than in business.

Hack #38 Try influencer outreach

Influencer outreach sounds like the new buzz word but people have always done influencer outreach for so long, only it was more subtle and it didn’t have that fancy name.

Building relationships with influencers is crucial in taking your business to the next level.

To keep track of your outreach, try the ninjaoutreach tool. It has a 14-day free trial and you get 25 custom influencers in your niche just for signing up.


Hack #39 Join a membership club

Depending on the caliber of people you want to meet, you can find membership clubs almost everywhere. Tip: If you are selling a $25,000 coaching, you know better than to join a $20/month membership club.

Set your sights on golf clubs, tennis clubs, Pro membership clubs where your target audience hangout.

Whether you are selling a $25,000 coaching or $100 gift cards, any business owner can benefit from belonging to a membership club

Hack #40 Think

There are possibly a thousand other ways to build profitable relationship and that’s why you have to engage your creative self. Thinking is hard work but it can be incredibly fun coming up with new ways to build relationship.

Hack #41 Help a Reporter

It’s exactly as it sounds. Reporters are looking for expert sources they can quote in their articles [which was due like last night]

Use HARO or SourceBottle to find and respond to queries in your area of expertise

Hack #42 Use Linkedin Connections

If you can’t already tell, I love Linkedin. Its the best social platform to build professional relationships.

Get started by personalizing every connection request you send and follow up with every new connection.

Hack #43 Become Rich

Money, indeed is a tool that can be used to make more impact and live better. By becoming rich, you can build relationship with people that are also rich. Don’t believe me? Just ask The Millionaire Mind guy, T. Harv Eker.

Hack #44 Take a Side Job

Charlie Hoehn got his dream job with Tim Ferriss but ended up building a profitable relationship that he can bank on for years.

That is something you can try out too.

Hack #45 Build a school

Not done this yet, but I know quite a few people who have built a school, alongside their audiences with Pencil of Promise.

Now, I don’t know if there is a Facebook Group for everyone that has built a school with Pencil of Promise but I am sure if you have partnered with them in the past, you probably want to know what’s going on, and automatically know other people that have partnered with them too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet up in an event, where you say, I know you. You are that guy that partnered with Pencils of Promise. Sounds like a nice intro

Hack #46 Sign up as a Mentor

There are several platforms that you can sign up to be a mentor. Mara for example, has the Mara foundation where you can sign up as a mentor.

Mentoring others help you build people skills while building relationships at the same time

Hack #47 Become a Panel at Special Events

I was invited to be a panel at Social Media Week, #SMWTECH4MSME by Davies Okeowo, winner of the Next Titan Season 2 and I can’t begin to tell you what good things have come out of it.

I was on the same panel with John Obidi, Ihotu Amata and Olawale Ojo, and automatically their expertise rubbed off on me.

Consider being a panel at an event and give high value content to the audience. Doing that helps you build an authentic audience and [new relationships!]

Be on the panel at local and international events

Hack #48 Write a recommendation on Linkedin

Another way you can use Linkedin to build on an existing relationship is by writing a recommendation.

Hack #49 Start a Non-Profit

People love non-profits. It’s a great way to meet people who are interested in your projects.

Hack #50 Create a Facebook Group

Create a Facebook group at the click of a button and start building targeted relationships

Hack #51 Create a LinkedIn Group

Liam Austin, the founder of Small Business Group on Linkedin has over 80,000 members, giving him permission to appear in his members inbox and the opportunity to build profitable relationships with them

Hack #52 Start a thread

You can start a thread on very engaging forums like Kingged and start generating new interests in your business

Hack #53 Become your industry expert

By posting highly valuable content on your blog or via YouTube, you gradually attain “industry expert status” thus positioning you for new partnership requests.

Hack #54 Host a Party

Social events are usually great for connections. With no formality attached and in a social environment, its easier to be yourself and get the conversation going.

Hack #55 Start Now

Finally, I can share all the strategies in the world on how to build profitable relationships but it will make no difference if you don’t put it to action, so my advice? Start now.

Pick a single hack to the test, right now.

Which hack will you try out first?

Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to give this relationship hacks a thumbs up by clicking the share buttons on the right 😉



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