21 Lead Magnet Ideas to Explode your Conversions

Oh, lead magnets!

They can be fun to create, or drive you crazy if you have never pulled one off before.

I had the “crazy” experience with my first lead magnet; spending over eight weeks and still scoring myself below average, urrgh…

You however will not have to go crazy over creating your lead magnet because I got you covered.

The first thing you need to know is that creating an irresistible opt-in offer or lead magnet should have an end goal. What is the one knowledge you want to pass across with this lead magnet?



That said, unless you are Huffington post that has to write across multiple subjects of interest, your lead magnet should cater to the audience in your niche.

If you write for small business owners, write a lead magnet that solves a particular problem for small business owners.

With a single idea, you can create multiple lead magnets that you can offer on your website/blog to convert visitors into subscribers and also get them interested in your services.

I have here twenty-one awesome lead magnets that you can offer on your blog based on a single idea that you come up with e.g. Launch an online business


  1.   Checklist

This is the easiest entry level lead magnet offer most blogs offer because it’s pretty simple to compile compared to the other lead magnets.

A checklist serves as a reminder to keep things organized and it’s one of the fave lead magnets. You can put a checklist together in less than 30 minutes and glam it up with Canva.


Don’t mistake length with value. Your visitors will be more willing to swipe their email for a valuable checklist because it requires little time commitment on their part.


2.   E-Book

Sometimes, you just want to go into more details to establish your expertise. In other cases, you are planning a product launch and you really need to give important information to your readers.

A checklist might fall short, so consider offering an E-book as your lead magnet.



For example, if you want to teach how to launch a business, it’s almost impossible to fit all that information into a single checklist. That is the essence of an eBook.

You should aim to write about 2000 – 5000 words which equals to a 10 – 15 page eBook.


3.   Sample Chapters

If you have written a book, consider offering two stand-alone, sample chapters as a lead magnet. By stand-alone, I mean readers can gain incredible value from reading these chapters without having to read the full length book

Of course, if it spurs their interest, they can always purchase the complete book.

For instance, my book, Not So Expert talks extensively about self development as an Entrepreneur and building two unique dimension of profit: relationship and credibility.


These two unique dimensions of profit lead to the third dimension which is the Single Stream of Income or in plain terms, Cash.

I can offer Chapter 1 and Chapter two from my book as a lead magnet leading to more interest and publicity for my book and value for my readers.


4.   Report

In almost every niche, we have industry professionals conducting A/B split test and publishing amazing results that frankly, a lot of people don’t bother to check out.

This presents an amazing opportunity that you can take advantage of. Instead of spending gruesome hours locked up in a room and typing your fingers off, why don’t you do some research and put together all the information you find into a single report?


Within one hour of in-depth research, you can come up with enough content to put together, find a cover and offer on your blog as a lead magnet!


5.   Resources

The “resource list” is a great choice for a lead magnet because it keeps your subscribers sane by giving them the solutions they need in one place.

Sample Resource List for “Launch an online business


  • Excel spreadsheet- to record business activities
  • Signature speech audio training- step-by-step, how-to launch online
  • OptimizePress– software to build your blog
  • 2Checkout– payment processor for online payments
  • Getresponse– email marketing service to build your list
  • Writing Services– Content writing service for your blog


6.   Audio or Audio Series

To use the same idea to create an audio or audio series, all you need do is read out the expanded version (eBook) using a microphone and an audio recording software. As you read, pause and expand on your point or use a script.


Tip: Re-purpose your eBook, recorded speech at a live event or turn your most popular blog post into an audio series.


7.   Video

Take it a step further by reading your ebook in front of a phone camera or webcam. Find a quiet spot to do your recordings and record in a place with enough light streaming in, if you don’t have professional lightning in place.


The most important tip here is to produce the video and ship it. Don’t wait to get all fancy equipments before you shoot your video.


8.   Doodles or Illustrations

This is best if you own a photography or fashion blog so you can display your piece, but don’t let that stop you if you are not in that niche.


Marie Forleo had great offers on her blog yet I signed up because I was intrigued by a fun video she had in the footer of her website. Keep testing and tweaking to see what works best for your blog.


9.   Infographic

Neil Patel enjoys presenting his data in an infographic. Why not try that as an opt-in offer? It presents your teachings in a different way and appeals to the sense of sight.


You do not need to hire an expensive graphic designer to get this done. You can use Canva to design a beautiful infographic.


10.   Interviews

Find an expert and interview them based on the checklist or eBook you have created. Edit the interview, create a landing page and collect emails in exchange for download.




11.   Blog Post PDF

If you have written a detailed post, like the one you are reading right now, you can convert it to a PDF and offer it as your lead magnet.

A PDF copy of your blog post is a valuable resource to your readers because they can keep it handy and use it as a reference.

Turning your blog post into a PDF is a great option for an opt-in offer.


12.   Podcast Episode

You can also hand pick your best podcast episode and offer it on your blog as a lead magnet. It’s a win-win situation since you get more subscribers for one podcast episode download.


13.   Webinars

I am yet to host a webinar (I plan to throw in webinars in my marketing arsenal soon) but it’s an option worth considering for a lead magnet.

Use the checklist you created to structure your webinar, make it interactive by carrying your audience along and offer an additional option for a download. The keyword here is to re-purpose what you have.


14.   Teleseminar Recordings

While webinar is video, teleseminar has to do with audio. Give your audience the opportunity of downloading your live training by providing you with their email address.

You are probably thinking “are they not tired of listening to the same topic over and over again?” Well, the truth is no matter how you look at it, no two trainings are the same. You would have learnt something new in your last training, or you might have omitted a point in your first training.


15.   Bundled Transcripts

Have your interviews or audio/video transcribed. Build a landing page, set your auto-responder and use your transcript as an opt-in offer.


16.   E-course

Another option, used brilliantly by John Eggen, is offering an eCourse as an opt-in offer. Keep your e-Course short, straight to the point and actionable.


If you are looking for a great example, you will love my bite-sized Content Creation tips that teaches you how to get going with content creation for your blog, book or business.


17.   Case Studies

Perhaps you’ve had a client who achieved a great deal from engaging your services, you can use their case studies as an opt-in offer and it’s an attractive package because people like stories, so give them a chance to hear a real one.

Don’t forget to ask for permission from your clients before using their case-studies as an opt-in offer. You will most likely get a yes.


18.   Email Series

Also called an auto-responder, this series may consist of your most popular posts, resources, and checklists. You can totally put this on auto-pilot in a pre-set time sequence, e.g. delivered every three days, or every six days after


19.   Quote Book

You definitely need motivation when trying to launch an online business. What is better than giving away some of your favourite quotes in a cute document titled “Quote Book?”

It’s a great option for a lead magnet and one that I would recommend anytime. Plus, it only cost you a few hours to put it all together.


20.   Complementary Coaching Session

You can offer free coaching sessions on how to position yourself to attract clients when they opt-in to your list. A free thirty minute coaching is a huge investment on your part and you should only use this as a limited-time opt-in offer


21.   High-Resolution Map-Plan

Instead of having to read the checklist or a lengthy eBook, there are a lot of your readers that relate better with a map plan that shows them all the information they need in a glance.




Which Opt-In Offer Should I Have On My Blog?

It all depends on what niche you operate. If you run a blog in the blogging/entrepreneurship niche, you may go with the eBook, audio series or a combination of the opt-in offers above

If you own a media site, you can give out some of your interviews and bundled transcripts. The point is to get people interested enough to join your email list.

There is also a method of delivery that you can adopt to deliver great value to your subscribers without overwhelming them.
You can first offer:

Entry level/Primary offer: A simple checklist is a great entry-level offer because it limits the time commitment on the part of the subscribers to go through your lead magnet.

Double/ Secondary offer: Once they are subscribed, you can offer a video series or an in-depth e-Course so that they gain more value from subscribing to your blog.

To spice it up, introduce another free gift that wasn’t mentioned on your website to impress your new readers. Keep providing value to your subscribers and you will be the trusted expert in that niche in no time.

Did I cover all the opt-in offers or are there more? Which of these lead magnets do you presently offer on your blog?

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  • Prateek Tripathi

    Reply Reply September 7, 2015

    Good going Hannah! I am currently learning about lead magnets, and a post from robbierichards.com brought me here. I guess you too implemented few things from there.

    Anyways, I just loved your post because of the detailed list. Pure Value! Thanks a ton 🙂

    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply September 8, 2015

      Hi Prateek,

      Thanks much for reading!

      I am glad you found it useful. Expect more great value from the blog.

  • Sam Adeyinka

    Reply Reply September 28, 2015

    Just exactly what I was looking for, madam Edia. Thanks for sharing this and I will make sure to put it to good use.


    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply September 30, 2015

      Okay Sam. Anytime. Expect more high-value post like this.

  • Theodore Nwangene

    Reply Reply October 23, 2015

    I’m really enjoying your writing Edia,
    I’ve consumed a lot of your posts already and i must confess that your writing style is good, keep it up.

    All the lead magnet creation ideas you listed here works so well but i think the most simple to create is a checklist.

    A checklist takes less time to put together and if you do it really well, it can get you lots of subscribers.

    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply October 24, 2015

      Hey Theodore,

      I could get used to your comments 🙂

      I agree with you, a checklist takes less time to put together and is just as effective if done right.

      I’d like to extend an invite to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t yet, so you will be the first to know when I publish a post.


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