18 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do

I smile. A lot.

I get huge favours like introductions to a new contact, writing gigs, outstanding ideas, and even jump a long queue in the bank (*giggling), all with a crazy little smile.

Is it not amazing how little, little gestures can open big, big doors to us?

This post will teach you the little, no-cost things that you should do to be a successful entrepreneur that attracts favours, clients and maybe, even save some extra cash

1.   Appreciation: Thank you is a powerful word. Say thank you when someone buys your product, reads your post, shares your post, leaves a comment and gives you feedback.

Showing appreciation can strengthen your relationships, build new ones and definitely score you some new business.

2.   Acknowledgement of others: if you have gotten an idea from a source, acknowledge that source. This is very similar to appreciating them. Most of the time, the people in this category have done more than share your post. They are your fans, influencers, other experts and people you look up to, to feed your business brains with new trainings.

An acknowledgement of someone in your list makes the other party feels important. She’ll carry this memory for a very long time. So its better you acknowledge others so others can do the same for you someday soon.

3.   Achievements: you should be proud of your achievements both offline and offline. They are your bragging right and your audience can connect more with you through your achievement. (even if that achievement is winning the swimming competition in your backyard)

4.   Associations: associations you belong to can lend credibility to your business. They can also refer premium, targeted clients to you. Belonging to an association is also a good way to learn new trends in your niche and can lead to more business referrals.

5.   If you Read: how far you go in life will be determined by the people you meet and the books you read. Who said that now…

Anyways, if you want more strategies to position your business as a client-attraction machine, you need to read more.

No matter what sector you operate—business, entertainment, music, fashion, oil and gas—you gotta read to lead, stand out and shine

Read, Read, Read and Read.

There is no limit to what you can read. Read autobiographies, comics, articles, and fiction.

6.   Habits: American Industrialist, J. Paul Gett, said something outstanding:

“The individual who wants to reach the top in business must appreciate the mighty force of habits and must understand that practices are what create habits. We must be quick to break those old habits that break us and hasten to adopt those practices that will become the habits that will help us achieve the success we desire.” 

7.   Other areas of your life: are the other areas of your life in a balance? As an entrepreneur, you will face challenges and rejections. Put the other areas of your life in a balance so that you will have a solid support system to fall back on when these challenges arise.

A successful entrepreneur, is not only measured by the efforts she puts in her business, but by how much balance she has been able to achieve between business, family, health, fun, professional life and time management.

8.   Serve God and others: the most read book in the world, The Bible, records that,

“The greatest amongst you shall be a servant.”

This principle still holds true today.



A lot of people compare service to being weak and that could not be farther from the truth. When you come from a position of service, even to your clients, they are more at ease with you because, when you hear “service”, it simply means, help has come.

Putting this simple, no-cost activity into action can make a world of difference between converting prospects into paying customers.




9.   Respond to change: don’t be that business owner that is bent on sticking to the old stuff! The popular saying, if you can’t beat them, join them couldn’t be more true with your business as an entrepreneur.

So many entrepreneurs and small business owners who stick to the old stuff are out of business today because their competitors are coming up with better strategies.


Online: if your magazine doesn’t have a digital edition, you may close shop soon because people are spending more time on their phones than ever before.

Offline: if you are a fuel attendant but aren’t doing anything to learn a new skill, you will soon be out of a job because gas stations are proposing a structure where customers service themselves. By the way, that is old news because it’s fully operational in many countries already.

I am not asking you to throw your business systems into the sewage every year just to “go with the flow” but sticking with old systems that are mundane and produce less result will do you no good.

Just think about computers and typewriters for a minute. See what I mean?




10.   Personal Growth and Development: if you are not investing in your personal growth and development, it won’t be long before you go stale and become less attractive to your target audience.

11.   Opportunities you give others: I once read somewhere “you should be so focused giving recognition to others, you don’t need it for yourself.” I know how that sounds, but when your focus is set on giving opportunities to others, you are indirectly setting yourself up for great opportunities.

12.   Love and support: these two are the basis for successful relationships, collaborations, and joint-ventures; and will definitely be a magnet to pull in premium clients for your business.

13.   Celebrate little success: for a lot of people, celebrating little success is hard.

Writing your first lead magnet, meeting new people, attending a presentation, signing up your first client, all seem little, but should be celebrated.

Being hard on “you” stumps your creativity. Instead, celebrate little success because that is what big successes are made up of.

14.   Act your Brand: as an entrepreneur, the way you talk, act, and relate should reflect your business, because you are your brand. The slightest inconsistency with your brand can send the wrong message to your target audience and have a serious effect in their purchase decisions.

15.   Connections: I place great emphasis on growing your connections online and offline even if these connections are not directly related to your niche .

Someday, you will need the advice of a doctor, lawyer, consultant, coach, author, counsellor for personal or business use and when you are connected to them, you can pick up your phone and get professional advice, mostly for free.

16.   Choice of words: often overlooked, your choice and use of words can go a long way in attracting premium clients into your business. When you use the right words with your prospect or client, you are guaranteed to generate more interest in what you are selling.

17.   Honesty: this is such a crucial factor in business. Nobody wants to do business with a dishonest person. It’s a repellent and you should be upfront with your clients, vendors and everyone you do business with.

Of course, you shouldn’t reveal your business tactics if you don’t want to, but that is very different from being honest and straightforward in your dealings with people.

18.   Consistency: finally, none of the aforementioned will work without consistency. The best strategies will not work if you are not consistent. Belonging to a million-dollar mastermind program will do nothing for you as an entrepreneur if you are not consistent.

Question: Which of these things are you doing already as an entrepreneur? Did you get results from doing any of these things? Let me know in that “Leave A Response” box below.

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  • Sam Adeyinka

    Reply Reply September 26, 2015

    You shared a fantastic post here, Hannah, one that I so much resonated with, especially the last one on the list – consistency.

    Really like you said, without this one every other strategy will collapse.

    I still remembered when I started blogging in 2011, if I was consistent I would have today become a guru but no hassles at all because I know my time will come and that too, one step at a time. And this time, I will be sure to keep at it – my strategies and the ones I read across the blogosphere.

    I appreciate you ma’am for sharing this wonderful post, I love it trust me! 🙂


    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply September 30, 2015

      Hi Sam,
      Thanks for your wonderful comment.
      Keep using the strategies you learn, and you will grow your blog in no time.

  • Theodore Nwangene

    Reply Reply October 23, 2015

    I couldn’t have agreed more Edia,
    Saying thank you is very necessary in life because a little appreciation can really do you lots of good.

    Its only when you appreciate little things done for you by another person that he will have the courage to do more.

    • Hannah Edia

      Reply Reply October 24, 2015

      That’s right.

      In my experience, a little “thank you” can open doors…

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